What’s your backup plan?

We all spend many hours working on our computers, whether for home or work use they have become a necessary part of our daily lives. Over time you collect a huge library of data from work files to digital photos or even your favorite music. You could have years worth of data stored on your computer.

Many of us take for granted that these files are safe. But what would you do if you lost them?

Hard drives are an unpredictable device that can fail without warning and if this happens it could cost you thousands of dollars to recover your data. Malware like ransomware can be equally expensive. There are other possibilities to consider also such as power surges, theft and accidental damage to name a few.

Basically, there is no substitute for a good backup solution. This usually consists of a program that runs in the background constantly keeping your files backed up to an external device such as a USB Hard drive or a better yet a NAS. This program should be automatic and warn you if things are not working for any reason. This ensures you always have a recent backup.
We also recommend cloud backups as an additional option so that you always have things backed up offsite. If your local backup is lost due to fire, theft or flood you can still retrieve your data from the cloud.

We can assess your current system “if any” and or help you put together a solution to keep your data safe and add piece of mind that if something goes wrong you won’t lose those precious files. Don’t leave it until it is too late, contact us today.

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